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Renew, Release, Rejuvenate

Nancy Foss

Nancy, the original owner of The Natural Body Shop, is a certified colon hydrotherapist with over 12 years experience. She has returned from a year of global travel and is ready to support her local community once again. 

Born in Toronto, Canada, Nancy Foss is a seasoned business executive, motivated leader and development entrepreneur of wellness centers. Nancy's global studies of healthy living for twenty years have given her an awareness not found in conventional health-related environments. Nancy brings her expertise and knowledge in anti-aging therapies, cellular rejuvenation, colon hydrotherapy, raw food, life coaching, ionic detoxification, emotional and trauma bodywork to all of her wellness programs.


When seeking Colon Hydrotherapy anywhere in the state of Colorado, be aware of SB13-215, subsection (6), paragraph (g) and (g1). As of June 5, 2013, Colorado law now requires each colon hydrotherapist to be a member of and to be certified by I-ACT in order to practice Colon Hydrotherapy legally in Colorado.

I am an I-ACT member trained and certified through the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy and Certified by I-ACT, (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy).

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