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Gastrointestinal challenges. - Just In... Another AMAZING SOUL Testimonial:

“Before Rain, I used multiple servings of several liquid supplements that were costly and caused weight gain, gassiness, bloating, and gastrointestinal challenges. Further, when I missed even one serving, I had problems with my sugar levels, energy, sleep, and headaches. I struggled with jet lag that could take weeks for adjustment. With Rain, those issues are gone. I use far fewer supplements resulting in significant savings. I feel great, have lots of energy, sleep soundly, I rarely have a headache, and gastrointestinal function is much improved. I have lost 1 dress size and, on a recent trip from South East Asia, jet lag was reduced from weeks to just 2 days.” –Carolyn W.

Hot Flashes - Another AWESOME, AWESOME SOUL Testimony::

Kathy Brant Huber: "I had SEVERE hot flashes, drenching me, making me nauseous, and making my head spinning, every 20-30 minutes for months!

I woke up at night every 40-60 minutes, and had to change my jammie's 1-3 times per night. Let me tell you I am so happy and relieved. Ok, I'm at 5 days with NO hot flashes, and NO night sweats. I love this stuff! Quit taking Prilosec 4 days ago, and for the first time in my life, no heartburn.

Yes, I'm signing up to be a distributor!"

"My life has changed since having done 3 colon hydrotherapy treatments in one week. I travel a lot and I was amazed at the openness my body had with the support of cleansing. More energy, my digestive system seemed to mysteriously function the best it ever has, and I feel incredibly clear with not only my body functions but also my mental well being. I will tell everyone I know, thank you for your service."
~S. Kennedy (female)

Four years ago I became a "regular" at the Natural Body Shop. By regular, I mean a weekly and, at times, bi-weekly client... I came to the Natural Body Shop with a variety of colonic experiences over the years, so I wasn't new to the process or the remarkable results of colon hydrotherapy.  However, what was new to me was encountering the level of integrity, elegance and authenticity of a therapist like Nancy. Nancy possesses a rare combination of warmth, humor and boundaries that I have come to know as an essential component of success in the colon cleansing journey. Besides being an expert technician, Nancy exudes the radiance and clarity of truly walking a path of health and wellness. Her energy glows and inspires me to stay on track with proper nourishment and regular cleansing. As a matter of fact, the process of the past four years has been instrumental in my claiming my own passion for health and the desire to be a professional in the field of wellness. Colon hydrotherapy is deeply personal and transformative and I cannot imagine anyone more lovely and encouraging to accompany me on my quest for optimal health, or someone who, by example, has been my mentor. Thank you... Bottoms up!!


I have been coming to the Natural Body Shop for 5 years now and in all my methods of trying to stay healthy, I find colonics continue to keep me feeling great. I suffer from Celiac disease and even though I try to follow a gluten free diet, it is sometimes impossible. Colonics help with my bloating and help keep me regular. Nancy's knowledge is impressive and she always makes you feel comfortable. She always presents a sense of calmness and genuine concern for her patients’ well being. I always leave the office feeling great. I would highly recommend the Natural Body Shop to anyone! Lisa

A good friend turned me on to the Natural Body Shop colonics and at first I was really skeptical. It sounded way too weird. However, my friend managed to convince me so I went and really liked the results. The Natural Bosdy Shop is wonderful, makes the experience totally comfortable. The colonic is brief, relaxing and not unpleasant.  And the "after colonic" is fantastic. I always feel lighter and definitely healthier. Any stagnation in the body is bad, and this treatment is a powerful tool to help avoid stagnation and keep energy, in general, moving. Especially given my hectic lifestyle and my intense travel schedule, these sessions are very valuable. I totally recommend! L...

“Before I retired as a professional aerialist, Cirque-style, getting a colonic was imperative before any performance. The Natural Body Shop colon hydrotherapy induced a vivid, keen sense of physical strength and vitality. Having turned 59, I continue colonics for their health and cleansing benefits.

As a licensed skin care professional, I refer my clients particularly with dry skin, to consider colonics at the Natural Body Shop…deeply beneficial in hydrating the skin from the inside out.

Nancy’s colon hydrotherapy is as personable, effective and impeccable as is her professional presence. Thanks Nancy for your humility and gracious commitment to the excellence of your work!”

~ R. Magdalene / Skin Care Professional & Avid Horse Lover

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